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About RoSa Shoes

"RoSa Shoes" is the design partner of "The Little Black Hobble Skirt".  Sarah of RoSa here wears High (13cm) Stiletto RoSa Shoes with her Knee Length Hobble Skirt.

Sarah of RoSa Shoes in Knee Length Little Black Hobble Skirt

The Little Black Hobble Skirt first appeared in 2011 at RoSa Shoes, the online showcase for the High Stiletto Heel shoe designs of Roger and Sarah Adams. Now The Little Black Hobble Skirt collection has its own online shop, right here!

The RoSa Shoes range is designed to be evocative of the original stilettos of the early 1960's, with the elegant long extended point toes ("winklepickers") and very slender metal-stem stiletto heels which were the feature of that "golden era" of women's shoe design.

RoSa Shoes High Heel Pointed Stiletto

The current collection now includes Long Points on two heel heights, Semi Point Stilettos, and soaring Platform Stilettos, all with the RoSa trademark pencil-thin Stiletto Heel.

                                      RoSa Shoes High Heel Platform Stiletto

RoSa Shoes designs combine well-chosen components, good quality materials, craftsmanship and a modern perspective to create an outstanding collection of essential stiletto-heeled shoes.  They are available to purchase only from the RoSa Shoes website - they are not stocked anywhere else in the world.