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About The Little Black Hobble Skirt

Roger and Sarah Adams of RoSa Shoes in 2011 introduced The Little Black Hobble Skirt as the perfect companion to their High Stiletto designs. A collection of made-to-measure "hobble" skirts, challenging to walk in but absolutely irresistible.

All skirts are made individually to your own measurements, with minimum amount of "wiggle room" added to achieve the desired "hobble" effect.  When you have decided which skirt you would like (choose from four different lengths, and a range of fabrics) and have placed your order, you will be sent a measurement chart with full measuring instructions. After we have received your measurements, we ask you to allow up to 28 days for your skirt to be made.

Sarah of RoSa Shoes in Knee Length Little Black Hobble Skirt

What is a Hobble Skirt?

A Hobble Skirt is a skirt which is designed to follow the figure closely and limit the stride, creating a sophisticated way of walking which many find highly desirable.

Most straight or "pencil" skirts in mass production try to achieve the look while still allowing maximum freedom of movement by using long, unattractive splits, stretch fabrics and so on, but this is not what the designers originally intended. They understood that The Walk is The Look.

Starting in 1910 with the Oriental-influenced ideas of Paul Poiret and his contemporaries (see photo below) the ultra-narrow skirt has made several comebacks throughout the last century, from the post-war 1940s onward, and has achieved a reputation for being the very height of elegance.

1910 hobble skirt

Despite the impracticality of tight skirts, many women love to wear them if the occasion is suitable and The Little Black Hobble Skirt now has hundreds of satisfied customers, delighted at the opportunity to wear something uncompromisingly extreme, totally sexy - and made to measure at a very attractive price.